Lindsey Stirling – ‘Stars Align’ Competition : I Won!


I recently decided to take a stab at a video for a Lindsey Sterling competition. In total, I had about 7 days to make the video.

I used to produce and compose music for a band called Love You Long Time, decided to take the liberty of putting my own personal touch on Lindsey’s Star’s align song with an original remake.

After 5 hours of cutting and producing, and about 2 hours of dancing, filming and video editing…. I uploaded what might’ve been the crappiest video ever (what can you do when you’re up against a deadline, right?).

You REALLY wanna see it? Ok, here it is:

2 days after submitting this puppy to Lindsey’s competition, I found out that I had won! Oh yeah!

Thank you, Lindsey Stirling 🙂