The Making of “All Night” + Remixes and Download


When Brian and I made “All Night,” it was magic. Knocked it out in one night. The beat and lyrics were written en-lieu of a girl who I was dating cheated on me. You can hear the frustration of what to do with the situation in the lyrics. I wrote most of the lyrics and melody. Just flowed. We both agreed that we needed to let the band finish the song without any music on my part for the ending. As you hear, the band killed it. When they showed me what they came up with, I was amazed and so pumped. Oz and I had so many songs like that. We just clicked on what we heard, did and created. This one was an inspirational night of music making.

All Night Mini​-​Pak by Love You Long Time

released 10 June 2009
All Night written by Love You Long Time and Tyson Stevens © 2008. All Night Produced by Tyson Stevens a.k.a Invisible. All Night (Nokturnal Remix) produced by Nokturnal. I Had You Wrong (KOTU Remix) produced by Kings Of The Universe